November 2015

Primadonna Announces the Latest In-Flight Cabin Solutions: The Premier Primalux Mattress and Sleep Kit

Tucson, AZ – Primadonna today announced the worldwide release of the Premier Primalux Mattress, the finest custom fit mattress that combines easy set up and enhanced comfort to provide the most superior sleep experience in private aviation. The exclusive two-layer, premium-density memory foam mattress was developed with input from a leading jet manufacturer and it’s national customer review board.

Primadonna will be showcasing the Primalux Mattress, along with their latest products, at the Falcon Jet 5X mock up during the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada November 17-19.

“It’s so thrilling to design a product that aviation industry professionals are excited about.” said Lori Ann Diep, Product Designer and Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Primadonna. “For over 30 years, there has been only one option for a mattress and bedding in luxury travel: a camping style air-mattress and bedding purchased off the shelf at a department store, that rarely fit the oddly sized mattresses. That’s why for this new Sleep Kit idea we created a new, efficient product to solve an age-old problem. We have developed a truly luxurious solution for sleeping on your jet. The Primalux Sleep Kit was thoughtfully designed with jet owners and crew in mind. Our mattress and bedding are easy to use and elegantly designed to fit your style.”


With the unrivaled memory foam comfort and support, the Primalux Mattress is a must-have in luxury air travel. The mattress’ layered foam construction gives unmatched support and eliminates pressure points, providing the most superior sleep experience in the sky. The Primalux mattress is custom made to fit all aircraft models.

“We carefully evaluated and tested several of the jet beds on the market and the Primadonna Mattress & Sleep Solution is a superior product. It met all of our passengers’ needs.” said Eddie Lovelock Vice President, Flight Operations Disney Aviation Group “Not only is the mattress extremely comfortable, but the tri-fold design makes it a snap to set-up during flight.”

Compact Stowability

The Primalux mattress is a dream for crew and owners alike. With the tri-fold design, set up is quick and storage is simple and wrestle-free. Gone are the days of bulky, temperamental, time-consuming pump and the carrying case is engineered to compress the mattress with no more effort that it takes to zip it.

In keeping with its convenient design, Primadonna also offers the exclusive Primalux Sleep kit, which include Primalux mattresses, protective mattress pads, a compression storage case, luxury custom sheets, bed blankets, pillows and linen storage case.

Pricing and Availability

The Primalux Mattress and Sleep Kit is available now at

About Primadonna

Primadonna is the new preferred bedding supplier for Gulfstream completions and the Complete Cabin Solution for luxury aviation. For over 12 years, Primadonna and their team of aircraft interior design advisors provide exclusive design and consultancy services to clients around the world. Their custom designed collections for Sleeping, Dining, Relaxing, and Refreshing, while traveling, are incomparable to any other industry offerings. Primadonna has been the supplier of luxury goods for private aviation for over 12 years. In June of 2015, Primadonna relocated to a state of the art facility, closer to the airport, to better serve the needs of their clientele. The Premier Primalux Mattress and Sleep Kits are sold exclusively by Primadonna.

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