service Galley kit

Our Galley Kits have been assembled with feedback from the most elite aviation professionals in the industry to ensure that service is practical and efficient. Every need has been anticipated and met with style, function, and quality in mind. Elegant stainless steel serving pieces are easy to clean and will never tarnish, and paired with stainless serving trays, you will appreciate each item’s functionality and your passengers will be impressed with their elegance.


Our Galley Kit Contains:

Wine bottle stopper

Cocktail shaker

Measuring cup

Cocktail strainer

Cocktail spoon

Cutting board

Chef’s knife

Paring knife

Serving spoon

Serving fork

Serving tongs

Pastry tongs

Cheese knife

Butter knife


Ice scoop

Small scoop

Cookie sheet

Hot pad

Small spatula

Bistro towel

Oval dish


Service linen

Sugar caddy

Jam & honey caddy

Porcelain ramekins

Beverage server