The Elegance Kit

This kit embodies The simple elegance of the finest white porcelain, crystal that is cut to perfection, and perfectly paired flatware. it also includes cotton napkins and custom leather placemats or optional table mats. everything you need for dining is provided – any selection you make from our carefully curated collection will work perfectly on your aircraft. .

china selections

Subtle effects within the material, masterful glazing work, the hollow engraving of Ecume makes it a contemporary and poetic collection for an elegant and modern table. 
Dinner Plate 10.5”, Salad Plate 8.5”, Bread & Butter Plate 6.5”, Salad Bowl, Aviation Mug


Exquisitely executed porcelain dinneware by Christofle, known for their superior quality and classic yet innovative designs since the mid 19th Century.
Dinner Plate 10.6”, Salad Plate 8.25”, Bread & Butter Plate 6.3”, Soup-Cereal Bowl, Aviation Mug


Inspired by the timeless elegance and enduring modernity of the pearl, Perlée is an expression of classic dinnerware. The collection is offered in solid white Limoges porcelain.
Dinner Plate 10.5”, Salad Plate 8.5”, Bread & Butter Plate 6.5”, Salad Bowl, Aviation Mug

Flatware Selections

Crystal Selections

Lismore Diamond Crystal


Lismore Diamond

The Lismore Diamond pattern is a strikingly modern reinvention of the Waterford classic; characterized by intricate diamond cuts rendered in radiant fine crystal.


Iriana crystal



Christofle has a rich past but is forward-looking. Its current collaborations with great designers are an illustration of the brand’s passion for design and desire to ensure that collections are always icons of their era.


Cluny and Albi Crystal



A reflection of the modern and contemporary era, these collections by Christofle exude style and opulence.